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The Benefit of a Cooperative Approach

The Great Lakes RCAP GIS Team is a true cooperative in that we work alongside communities to achieve goals related to the collection, mapping and maintenance of utility assets. We believe that the most sustainable product leverages the expertise of both utility personnel and our dedicated GIS staff.  Recognizing that communities are the owners of their data, Coop membership includes support and training to empower communities to utilize their data to the maximum extent possible.

We make GIS possible for all communities!

Customized Options

Different communities have different needs and budgets, therefore we will work with you to provide a system that meets your needs!

Through our customized web and mobile apps, based on the ESRI platform, we will create a Dashboard to monitor preventive maintenance activities like valve exercising and create, monitor and track work orders.

We also have an option for a robust asset management software, Kona,  from a partnership with the Confluence Group.

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GIS Development

Asset Management

GIS Cooperative Services

We partner with you! We have assisted  nearly 100 communities with utility mapping and GIS database development. 

Accuracy Matters!  We make accurate data a priority through the use of centimeter-grade GPS collection equipment and the industry gold-standard in geodatabase design.

Gold-standard design! Our experienced staff works with utility personnel to collect data and design a database that is relevant and sustainable.

The GIS Cooperative provides access to GIS experts,  affordable pricing, ongoing support and training to communities including:

  • GIS data hosting,
  • Web and Mobile applications,  
  • Site visits,
  • O&M training,
  • Technical support,
  • Custom maps and reports, and Scanning of plans, as-builts and historical maps.  
Let us show you how we can make your data work for you!

Keeping Up-to-Date with Great Lakes RCAP GIS

Upcoming Trainings:

We are working on scheduling on-site trainings, and converting our courses to online options.

Please check back soon for an update!

For more information, or a Demo, please contact the GIS Coordinator at!                        

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