Training and Support

Two of the goals of Coop membership are for utilities to incorporate their GIS into daily workflows, and utilize the web and mobile apps to the fullest extent.  This will occur when staff is equipped with the knowledge and have opportunities to reinforce learning through practice.

In addition to training sessions, we provide daily support to our communities to reflect their particular concerns or needs.  While this may focus on answering questions regarding the use of the web and mobile apps, it also may be in the provision of: How-To guides and videos, GPS equipment manuals, guidance with equipment purchases, and troubleshooting equipment issues. 

Please click on the links below to access our instructional How-To guides and videos, or hover over the “Training” page in the menu above, and click on the “Training Materials” drop-down menu.

RCAP GIS Web Viewer

In addition to the ability to view, edit and add utility data, the RCAP GIS Web Viewer provides communities with a suite of tools which support daily needs, long-term planning, asset management and community development.  

For example, utilities can use the print tool to create report-quality maps to use in the field or for planning purposes.  The Network Trace tool allows staff to identify assets and customers affected by a water break.  All of the data, or attributes, about each feature can be filtered, viewed and downloaded to an Excel file using the Attribute table tool.

Coop membership includes training and continual support to ensure that utilities are able to use the Web Viewer to the maximum extent possible.  And in an effort to ensure we are meeting the needs of our communities, we continue to create training materials and How-To documents and videos.  A list of our current course offerings is provided below.  Please click the link below to access Web Viewer documentation. 

ESRI Collector App

In the field access to data is possible through a customized Mobile App using ESRI Collector for ArcGIS.  As with the Web Viewer, each community has access to editing and non-editing versions of their data through a simple download of the Collector App.  

The Collector App provides the functionality of viewing, editing and adding data in the field.  Given the accuracy of data collection, this mobile app is an excellent tool for locates and provides greater understanding of a system for all employees.  Combined with an accurate GPS unit, the Collector App can be used to collect new data as well.

Training for the Collector App is ongoing, as needed.  We currently have materials available to assist communities with integrating the mobile app into their workflow and understand how to utilize this resource to increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.  The addition of Asset Management fields enhances both of these measures, as the ability to document condition of assets and track preventive maintenance activities have been incorporated into the underlying geodatabase.

Please click the link below for access to our current Collector App documentation.

Training Courses

Current approved OEPA O&M courses for contact hours, with upcoming dates (state):

  • All about the DATA: GIS, CMMS and AM Software
  • Asset Management and GIS Core Concepts (NEW!)
  • Data Management Using GIS Web Application
  • Editing Service Line Data in Your GIS
  • Field Inspections Using GIS Mobile Applications
  • GIS & GPS Technology for Small Utilities
  • GIS Web Applications for Small Utilities
  • How to Complete and Asset Management Inventory Using GIS (NEW!)
  • Information Technology & GIS Advancements
  • Making the Most of Your Small Utility GIS Program
  • Managing Assets in the Field (NEW!) 
  • Mapping With a Web GIS:  Producing Quality Maps for Your Utility (NEW!)

If you would like to see any of the 12 RCAP GIS trainings presented to you in person let us know! We can coordinate a training event in your area!  Contact the GIS Coordinator at